LK Art & Crafts

Manufacturer of wooden handicrafts leather products and mats.

India, New Delhi
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Lalit Kumar
Business Entity / Supplier
About Us:
With an unmatched access to authentic and choicest of products from India L. K. ART & CRAFTS is a resourceful flexible and quality conscious export company. With our reputation for adherence to high quality we have ensured enduring relationships with our buyers for products such as home furnishings furniture imitation Jewelery gift items and leather accessories. We are your source for wholesale items seasonal items as well as treasure hunt goods. Utilizing our resources and exploiting our strengths to the maximum we offer he luxury of a one-stop shop to our customer''s by acting as agents manufacturers producers and even supply chain managers for them.
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Business Address
LK Art & Crafts
No. Bk-1/136-A Shalimar Bagh ,
New Delhi , Delhi
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