Return Policy

Digital currency transactions (in this context ones relating to Bitcoin and Litecoin), by nature are non-reversible and the value of these digital currencies change frequently. Due to these factors 89Classifieds does not offer any refund, cancellations or returns. If any customer has issues with the 89Classifieds purchasing process, or they feel like something has been done incorrectly they are encouraged to email support


89Classifieds does not directly transact with the buyer but instead, the buyer purchases the cryptocurrency directly from registered vendors on our website. 89Classifieds “delivers” Bitcoin and Litecoin and other cryptocurrencies to customers through a transaction submitted to the currency’s respective blockchain. The respective blockchain then reallocates the “delivered” coins to a specified wallet address. This address can either be:

  1. Hosted by 89Classifieds; or
  2. An independent wallet address that 89Classifieds has no prior knowledge of.

“Delivery” (submitting the transaction to the currency’s respective blockchain) happens immediately after payment is authorized. Once the digital currency transaction has been submitted to the blockchain, the progress of the transaction can be monitored (in the case of a Bitcoin transaction) using:, along with the Bitcoin wallet address. 89Classifieds is not responsible for any digital currency loss after the transaction has been submitted to a digital currency’s respective blockchain. 89Classifieds is also not responsible for a user sending digital currency to an incorrect addresses.

Email us at support with any questions.