Web mail issue, mail is not opening properly!


New member
Jul 15, 2013
Dear Experts,
Hope you are doing well.
The purpose of writing the mail is I have a personalized e-mail address and hosted from hostindia.net.

The mail is working properly and everything is perfectly fine, but the issue is with mail appearance.
If someone is sending a mail with a link or ankertext then same time the link is not showing.
However, if I forward the same mail to Gmail or some different mail id, then the mail is opening properly with the link.
I had checked the necessary setting in my web mail, but still the struggling with the same issue.
Kindly let me know the solutions. My email service provider hostindia.net and browser is chrome. Inform me who is created issue?
browser or service provider or web-mail.



New member
Sep 24, 2013
Hello I work for a web hosting company myself, and probably the issue is from your service provider. Try opening a support ticket so they can guide you fix your problem.

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