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Jun 28, 2016
New Delhi
It is our extreme pleasure to release the all new 89Classifieds. We have been working on this from starting of March to revamp our old system to latest and most secure system we have worked ever. You can think of it as a summary of 10 years we learnt in online field. To make the system super secure, we have also implemented real-time hashes with passwords, so please reset your password using forgot password link on login page. When you login, your passwords are verified against many random hashes saved for your account privately on platform different from current server depending on the timestamp and that makes it almost impossible to impersonate or login or hack the user account. Enjoy the security and confidence of being Google-like secure without un-necessary phone or device verification steps :).

New Features Added:
Advertise using regular classifieds section.
Advertise your products or services by posting popular videos.
Advertise your products or services by posting newspapers pdfs.
Advertise your products or services by posting any other gif/jpg/mp4 as media
Enjoy unlimited ads free movies
Enjoy Live TV of all popular channels in India
We will be updating more channels of internation media soon this month.

We now also have DARK theme which you can enable or disable from bottom-left of page 'STYLE CHOOSER" link.

Lastly Thank you all for being with us in last 10 years for continued support.

Note: To fight with SEO spammers, we had to remove backlinks feature. This was done to ensure quality posts. We do not have problems in giving backlinks, but many webmasters and seo companies started misusing our generousity. We also warn those seo freaks. We always knew about you, it was just our humbleness you could enjoy unlimited backlinks from our system. Now the times have changed, please be fair and post only useful posts which adds some values to visitors rather than just a backlink technique. Banning is just a click of button in new system right on the post page.

Sandeep Kumar
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